Cape Town 10s | 23rd – 25th September 2021

Dearest 10s Players,

We apologize for being so quiet the last couple of weeks, finalizing the logistics for 10s in this time has been a bit more complicated than what we have anticipated. To be honest the whole process around are we hosting are we not, what are the changes, what are the protocols, how many teams, the format of the matches, music lineup etc. has been very frustrating and very emotional at the same time. This is our baby and it is what we do. To be told for the last 15 x months that we are not allowed to play and earn a living is not easy. However, constant glimmers of hope has been the feedback and support we have had from you who have rolled with us as we had to make plans and changed formats and dates.

In the last month, we have tried to put a plan in place to have the best and safest Cape Town 10s. We have submitted three different plans to the City of Cape Town (all being COVID Friendly) but unfortunately, they have advised us to postpone the Cape Town 10s. We believe that this is the best option to keep all our players and spectators safe. If we decided to continue with the May date, we had to host a smaller event, meaning less teams and no spectators. This is not an option as we believe that Cape Town 10s should be experienced in all its glory.

As such we have been granted 23 – 25 September as an alternative date. A bit later in the year but a beautiful part of the year nonetheless as Cape Town heads into Spring and we all come out of hibernation ready to tackle summer.

Luckily, we do not just have bad news. We understand that being part of 10s is so much bigger than just coming to the events, over the years we have formed a community that brings friends and teammates together and that is something that we would like to

continue even if we can’t host a 10s event at the moment. With that being said we are hosting a few small events in different areas to make sure you keep “fit”. The 10s Winter Edition will see the following Events make their debut:

Events That We Will Be Hosting:

1. Burgers & Beer Pong in Durbanville

  1. 10 Team Entries available
  2. 2 x players in a team
  3. R400 per team
  4. Includes: Beer, 3 Games & 2 x Burgers
  5. Best Dressed and Best Ponger prizes

2. Pizza in Paarl

  1. 24 Team entries available
  2. 4 x players per team
  3. R250 per player
  4. (R1000 per team)
    1. Includes: a. 3 x Games
    2. b. T-Shirt
    3. c. Live Entertainment

3. Dodgeball, Dart & Duik Rugby on a Wine Farm

    1. Team Entries:
    2. 10 Netball Teams | R5 000 per team | 4 Games
    3. 10 Rugby Teams | R10 000 per team | 4 Games
    4. 10 Dodgeball Teams | R3 500 per team | 4 Games
    5.  Includes: a. Festival Entry
      1. Live Entertainment
      2. 4 Games
      3.  Discounted Drinks

4. StellenQuiz in Stellenbosch

  1. 16 Team entries available
  2. 4 x players per team
  3. R350 per player (R1400 per team)
  4. Includes: a. Entry into Quiz Night
    1. Wine & Snacks
    2. Live Entertainment

We are opening Pre-Registration for all these events, so if you and your team want to join us please sign up below. We will send out the confirmed dates in the next few weeks.

We understand that changing the dates has an impact on your future plans, therefore we have put together different options:

  1. Save your entry for CT10s 2021 (Sep date)
  2. Roll entry over to 2022
  3. Re-Sell team entry to teams on the waiting list (We will assist with contact details)

It is important that you let us know what option your team will be taking before/on 1 May 2021, after that we will assume that you are keeping your entry for 2021 and that you roll over to September with us.

Please inform us of your decision by completing the form below.

Lastly, we would just like to thank you for your patience throughout the last couple of months. We understand that it is a frustrating time for everyone. We can’t wait to raise a glass with you and play sports the way only 10s can.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions:

For general enquires or concerns: | |

Sports Specific:

Rugby: | Netball: