The Cape Town 10s has partnered up with Mettlestate to bring you an all new sporting division – Esports!

The world of competitive PC and console gaming, better known as esports, is rising in popularity worldwide. South Africa is following the trend, with already established organisations, teams and players already bringing fame on local and international shores.

Come and join in or watch and find out more about esports, see if you have what it takes to be a professional gamer. GGWP (Good Game Well Played).

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Dodgeball SA are the originators of dodgeball in South Africa. We are a thrilling, inclusive and energetic social sporting movement aimed at uniting diversity and changing lives one ball at a time!
A partnership with the Cape Town 10s, the biggest social sporting event in South Africa was a no-brainer for us.  Their professionalism, passion and vision aligns perfectly with ours and we look forward to delivering many more balltastic experiences together.

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Given that Cape Town 10’s is South Africa’s biggest social sport and lifestyle event, it made sense that as we grew bigger we would collaborate.

With the Fittest in Cape Town being a CrossFit Sanctioned event, we now see big interest from international super star athletes, and we are excited to bring an unprecedented level of competition to the hype that is the Cape Town 10’s.

The events are creating a diverse “sport festival” where fans of rugby can interact with the growing CrossFit community – which we believe will create an even bigger atmosphere and allow for fans of both sports to enjoy the best of two worlds.

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Emerging from small beginnings, Futsal Growth and Evolution was founded with the intention of being an all-inclusive brand, reaching the youth to better enrich their lives through the sport of Futsal. What better way for us to grow and help others to do the same than by teaming up with Cape Town 10s, who have mastered the art of doing just that! With CT10’s great reach within Social Sporting events, we cannot fail. Together we will reach new heights and produce SA’s very own Messis and Ronaldos… let Sport be the winner at the end of the day!

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Volleyball South Africa has had the honour of being part of the Cape Town 10’s for the past 4yrs. Being a team sport, beach volleyball has held its own in this multi-sport event. We have witnessed players from all over the world coming and participating in this prestigious event against our athletes. Our athletes are super excited to be a part of this setup and are looking forward to the 2019 addition which we as a federation believe will be bigger and better than the previous additions. We cannot wait for the 1&2 February to showcase the greatest sport on earth which is “Beach Volleyball”.

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